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Magic Manor

Over four years in the making, the extraordinary and wonderous Magic Manor at A Maze N Things on Phillip Island is a world class interactive exhibition themed around 19th Century magic and illusions.

Taking visitors on a journey that investigates the whereabouts of turn-of-the-century magician, The Amazing Karel, children and adults alike revel in the mysterious and baffling displays, tricks, interactive illusions and remarkable environments and experiences.

Within Magic Manor visitors can immerse themselves in the Golden Era of Magic and experience iconic illusions such as objects disappearing and reappearing, shoes that float, dice that change in front of them, fires that burn without heat, rain that falls upwards, chandeliers that sail through a starry sky, time travel, magic clocks, transforming taverns, white rabbits and scarey corridors that will astound, amuse and astonish.

Megafun was commissioned to conceive, create and deliver this one of a kind display that can proudly take its place as one of the finest magic themed exhibitions in the world.

A Maze'N Things
Where & When
Phillip Island 2016
Technical Management
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