Our services

We provide a range of creative and technical services for the arts and entertainment, including concept, design, production and management along with a passion for creating captivating experiences.


Performing arts

Megafun provides technical and production design, support and management to a wide variety of performing arts projects across Australia and internationally.  Projects range from eclectic and arts-driven theatre, dance and music performances through to major commercial projects, including touring theatrical productions, large scale arena attractions, outdoor opera, children’s theatre and stand-up comedy.



Megafun conceives, creates, develops and produces a huge range of interactive exhibitions and individual exhibits. Projects range from complex hands-on electronic interactives and multi-media displays in museums and galleries, through to highly physical and engaging activities in tourism installations, theme parks and children’s centres. Megafun’s heritage delivers exhibits that are particularly known for being theatrical, engaging, and unique.



Major events are a core part of Megafun’s experience and expertise.  Projects range from the 2006 Commonwealth Games and 2015 Pacific Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies, through to MONA FOMA’S eclectic celebration of the arts in Hobart as well as smaller one-off events such as the opening of AAMI Park and Melbourne’s Hamer Hall.  All these projects demonstrate Megafun’s capacity to deliver a memorable creative concept, with outstanding technical and production support, management and overall co-ordination.

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Public Art

For over five years Megafun managed the City of Melbourne’s “Laneways” public art programme, along with numerous independent installations across the city.  In addition the company has undertaken management of public art for commercial building installations, festivals and individual artists.  The company prides itself on developing a close relationship with the artist while maintaining absolute integrity in engineering, site placement and public safety.