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Islantis Surf Experience

Megafun was given the challenge to create a surfing experience that would appeal to surfers and non-surfers alike.

Positioned on the main road as you arrive on Phillip Island, the Islantis surf shop was looking for a way to appeal to the vast numbers of tourists heading to the island for daytrips and holidays.  They wanted to deliver an experience that provided information on the history of surfing but more particularly gave some sense of what it’s like to be out there in amongst the waves and the foam.

Megafun delivered a “Surf Experience”, consisting of a chapel-like environment where the Australian “Gods of Surf” are celebrated, followed by a 360 degree wrap around cinema experience of a day’s surfing off the iconic Woolamai Beach.  Filmed using four Go-Pro cameras and painstakingly edited together, the final image is over 30 metres around and surrounds visitors with the water, waves and clifftops of Phillip Island, set to a soundtrack that helps recreate some of the excitement and determination of the dedicated surfer.

The visit finishes with a display of priceless treasures of the surfing community.

The Surf Experience is now starting to make its presence felt on Phillip Island and is engaging people with its mix of humour, reverence and powerful imagery.


Islantis Surf
Where & When
Phillip Island, 2014