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Keith Tucker Director

Keith Tucker


+61 3 9606 0264 or

Keith is the director of Megafun and creative director of all internal projects. He develops the creative concepts, oversees the documentation of the developed design and manages the relationships between all disciplines.

Jenn Foord Project Manager

Jenn Foord

Project Manager

+61 3 9606 0264 or

Jenn provides support for numerous projects with a particular specialty of set dressing and finishing, both in theatre and exhibitions.

Jonathon Potter Programmer

Jonathon Potter


+61 3 9606 0264 or

Jonathon has been coding for as long as he can remember. Coding exclusively in C++ Jonathon writes all of the software for Megafun's interactive exhibitions as well as for show control and scripting which are used in many of our major theatrical performances and events.

John Lloyd-Fillingham Videographer

John Lloyd-Fillingham


+61 3 9606 0264 or

With a significant background in performance and directing, John has turned his hand to the art of video capture and editing, including animation and visual effects. He has worked on numerous television productions as well as advertisements and corporate videos as well as Megafun's exhibition and presentation material.

Carolyn Patamisi Production Manager

Carolyn Patamisi

Production Manager

+61 3 9606 0264 or

Carolyn is a key member of the team, having worked with Megafun for over 20 years. She handles all projects in collaboration with Keith.


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