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ACMI Screen Worlds

Screen Worlds is a major permanent exhibition for ACMI at Federation Square.

Megafun were commissioned by ACMI (The Australian Centre for the Moving Image) to create four exhibits for Screen Worlds.  These consisted of:

  • Tye the Tasmanian Tiger 3D Zoetrope – an extraordinary three dimensional variation on a traditional Zoetrope where solid characters appear to come to life and dance across a spinning disk.
  • Time Slice – an immersive and interactive homage to the “Matrix” films where performers seem to be able to hang in mid air as objects move around them.
  • Flip Book – a personalised, electronic version of an old fashioned flipbook
  • Bird in a Box – a remarkable illusion of a three dimensional lyrebird apparently foraging forever inside a wooden box

All of the exhibits demonstrate one of the tenets of the concept of the moving image and form key elements of this iconic Melbourne exhibition.

Australian Centre for the Moving Image
Where & When
Melbourne, 2009
Technical Direction
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