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Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

The chocolate factory on Phillip Island is renown not only for its chocolate, but also the remarkable interactive visitor experience.

Conceived, created and designed entirely by Megafun, the Amazing World of Chocolate at the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is an experience like no other.

After examining the history and source of cocoa and allowing visitors to discover and interact with the way it is turned into chocolate, the exhibition leads into the world of arts and advertising, interactive animatronics, operational side-show games with chocolate prizes and even a chocolate waterfall – along with dozens of other unique experiences and activities.

Visitors leave with free chocolate, along with tales of all of the extraordinary ways that chocolate can be used.

The Amazing World of Chocolate continues to grow in popularity and is now one of the largest attractions on the Island.

Phillip Island Chocolate Experience
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Phillip Island, 2009 to present